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Arquivo Amarelo

O Arquivo Amarelo é uma associação cultural sem fins lucrativos. Ele elabora projetos culturais e de educação ambiental: educomunicação e arteducação. O Arquivo Amarelo dá vizibilidade aos povos indígenas e assuntos esquecidos ou reprimidos. Por exemplo, já desde 2006, os seus fundadores dão visibilidade ao povo Guarani Mbyá do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.  O Arquivo Amarelo é uma ONG contra o esquecimento. Veja os vários projetos.

Yellow Archives

The Yellow Archives is a cultural and educational organization based in Rio de Janeiro. Objective is the preservation and support of cultures in danger and the production of  videos, films, CDs and DVDs against oblivion and displacement. For example: Indigenous peoples are not only living in the northern Rainforests, in the Amazon of Brazil. Until today indigenous peoples are living in all Brazilian states. The Guarani-Mbyá are the indigenous people of the Brazilian South and South-East. There are 5 villages in Rio de Janeiro, but most of the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro do not know that. The work of the Yellow Archives, that startet 2006, gives these "forgotten" indigenous peoples visibility.  Discover our different projects. The Yellow Archives need your attention and your support!

Uranium Film Festival

The Yellow Archives also is the presenting organization of the International Uranium Film Festival. The in 2010 foundet Uranium Film Festival started 2011 in Rio de Janeiro to inform the global societies about the dangers of radioactivity and the nuclear fuel chain and to create the Yellow Archives. The horror of atomic war and nuclear accidents like Chernobyl or Fukushima should never be forgotten. The question of the use of nuclear energy and radioactive materials must openly discussed. Every society, every peoples have the right of choice. But decision making needs independent information. Until today many people and populations are not yet well informed about the radioactive and nuclear risks. Films and film festivals are mportant tools to bring that information to the wider public.